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Solar Systems

Eco Energy Systems - Solar Energy Options

Solar panels offer the most environmentally friendly solution to heating needs.  Eco Energy Systems typically supply Roth solar panels.  Although generally use for water heating in the house, solar panels can also be integrated with other systems (a heat pump for example) for household heating support.


Flat Panel

Flat panel solar collection systems can be installed at the time of the build or retro-fitted onto existing roof tiles. They are cheaper and more sturdy than Solar tubing (see below) but don't have the same efficiency levels.

In this method the sun heats the panels matt black surface which in turn radiates heat to the interior.   Typically these panels are 2.5m.sq. In terms of energy supply, 2 panels and a 300 litre solar storage tank will suffice for 3 to 4 people.



Solar Tubing systems offer a high level of efficiency.  These systems can be installed on a roof either during or after construction.  They function by exposing water in a glass tube directly to the suns heat.  It must be noted that although higher in efficiency this system is also more fragile than a flat panel solar system.

Below are 2 short videos that demonstrate Solar energy uses, produced by the Renewable Energy Skills project.



Solar Panel Videos

About Solar Panels How Solar Panels can create
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