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Heat Recovery Ventilation

EDPACHeat Recovery Ventilation is becoming standard in all new builds with the higher Building Regs 2013. Every building needs a fresh air supply to maintain a healthy house and this can be achieved by the following methods:

  • 4" hole in the wall
  • Trickle vents in the windows
  • Thermal heat recovery ventilation

With the heat recovery unit, it uses the wet extract air from the bathrooms and kitchen to preheat the fresh air from outside fro the bedrooms, living and dining areas. The unit uses a highly efficient counter flow heat exchanger.

Benefits of Edpac Heat Recovery Unit:

  • EC fans as standard
  • No combustible materials used in construction
  • Sheet metal painted construction
  • High temperature sensor
    • Shuts down supply air
    • Runs 100% exhaust air
  • High efficient heat exchanger of 95%
  • Greater than 82% when dry
  • Micro processor controller
  • Optional summer by-pass
  • Easy access to filter


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