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Heat Pumps - Air to Water

Eco Energy Systems - Air to Water

DanfossThis system uses a heatpump to extract heat directly from the air around a house.  It is advantageous because of its small size and so it is especially suitable for areas in which it is not possible to drill into rock or the garden is too small. A unit (that looks somewhat like an air conditioner unit 1x1x 2m approx) is placed outside.


The beauty of a heatpump system is its simplicity.  Working much like a refrigerator (only in reverse) it compensates for the difference in temperature between indoors and outdoors.  The greater the difference the harder the heatpump has to work and the more electrical energy it uses.  For this reason, Heatpumps are best suited to underfloor heating systems or low temperature radiators (which operate at about 35 degrees C) as opposed to standard radiators (which operate at 75c approx).  The house can be used in this way as a sort of thermal battery, by storing heat energy in underfloor heating systems or equivalent, a constant comfortable temperature can be maintained throughout the day.

It is efficient for home heating because one isn't heating and cooling all the time just using a small amount of energy constantly. (it can be used on night-time electricity rates thereby reducing running costs further).  For water heating, a heatpump ignores the underfloor heating and concentrates is energy on the water for a short time (20mins approx). This as little effect at all on the house temperature. The COP of the systems will drop for this short period.


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