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Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are the technology of the future

Just imagine. You can get a percentage of your energy consumption for free whilst heating your home and at the same time get the highest possible level of comfort. This is made possible by our heat pumps collecting solar energy from the ground beneath your home or from the air around it. It is a sustainable energy solution that can provide your home with heating, cooling and all the hot water you need.

With gas and oil prices rising, people are looking for a reliable and reasonably priced source of energy. At the same time, environmental consideration is an increasingly important factor. We have an acute need for sustainable, energy efficient solutions in all areas. Everyone realises that we can’t keep polluting the air while burning up the Earth’s energy reserves.

Sustainable heating comfort
Heat pumps collect solar energy, converting it to an environmentally sustainable indoor climate for your home. By choosing a heat pump you’re choosing to be a part of the solution for a better climate.

In Scandinavia, heat pumps are a common technology that have been developed for the tough Nordic climate over decades – guaranteeing a reliable solution. Today people all over Europe have discovered the benefits and at the beginning of 2009 the European Parliament classified heat pumps as a renewable energy source.

Comfort with energy-efficiency
Heat pumps are highly energy-efficient and can cover a considerable amount of your energy consumption using energy from your own land.

Another major advantage of a heat pump is that it requires almost no scheduled maintenance or attention. Once installed, you can almost forget about it. It will work every day, all year round, making your home warm and comfortable.




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